Do you know how important our lymphatic system in our body is? If not, keep on reading and discover its significance and how you can improve with the help of lymph drainage therapy. 

The waste removal system of our body is the lymphatic system—a system of vessels that’s the same as our circulatory system. Such vessels are packed with fluid known as lymph. The lymph is responsible for carrying infections, toxins, waste, and other foreign materials to our lymph nodes. As soon as they reach the lymph node, then that’s where they are destroyed.  

Due to infection, stress, fatigue, dehydration, and more, our lymphatic system can be stagnant easily. Consequently, it causes fatty deposits, chronic pain, cellulite, and water retention. Moreover, a slow lymphatic system can also be the reason for pneumonia, colds, throat problems, upper respiratory issues, swollen eyes, ankles, and glands, chronic sinusitis, and chronic pain.  

A lymphatic drainage massage is done on a massage table after the clients are modestly draped and undressed considering their comfort level. The technique can assist in manually accelerating the flow of the lymph and is extremely harmonious, steady, and gentle. As a result, the pressure won’t add more weight. Excessive pressure can damage or repress the capillaries. So, get ready to feel a little flushed while extremely relaxed at the same time. Here’s how anyone can take advantage of lymphatic drainage therapy: 

For healing  

How about lessening and easing discomfort and pain during a headache, injury, or surgery? This relaxing and gentle therapy treatment in the form of massage will surely do the trick. Decongesting the sore and swollen tissues through discomfort, pain, and therapy would be minimized.  

For relaxation 

After sessions of lymphatic drainage therapy, you can improve your well-being level since you’ll feel rejuvenated and cleansed. Since this treatment is gentle, the feeling will be pretty soothing and relaxing. As a result, its rejuvenating effect can help in relieving your stress.  

To remove toxins in the body 

In times of stress and haggardness, you can help relax your body. Not to mention, the function of the system aids in minimizing the lethargic approach of every person because of the lack of workout and excessive high-fat and starchy food.  

For skincare 

If you’re one of those conscious people out there, a skin care routine—usually involves putting moisturizer, toner, and cleanser—is a must-have. However, using LDT can potentially offer apparent and greater results like the minimized appearance of wrinkles and lines on the forehead, reduced puffiness all surrounding the eye area, and clearer complexion.  

During and after pregnancy 

When it comes to lactating and pregnant women, lymphatic draining therapy (LDT) especially provides comfort in feet and legs once fluid retention strikes. Think about the blocked duct issues and sore tight breasts of amazing mothers, LDT can help to breastfeed a lot better. If you’re interested to book a lymphatic drainage treatment, make sure to let us know and we will arrange one for you.