First of all, we need to know what a yard sign really is. A lot of yard signs are manufactured out of corrugated plastic with vertical fluting—made out of tiny parts within the material that extend like columns in vertical ways. Basically, yard signs are displayed in yards. However, they can also be displayed wherever you want. Meaning, you can always be creative in terms of how you display and print customized yard signs in Denver.  

Commonly yard signs are utilized for business use, real estate purposes, expressing political views, political campaigns, parking or directional signs, or even used for different types of events such as graduation, birthday parties, weddings, and more. Some of the typical yard signs are grommets, real estate posts, metal frames, and wire stakes. To know more about the display methods you can use regardless of your purpose, here is further information about them: 

Metal frames 

If you’re utilizing metal frames to have your sign displayed, you’ll have to suit the sign’s size with the insert location’s size on the frame. Typically, real estate frames can hold different materials for yard signs like aluminum, rigid plastic, and corrugated plastic. The real estate frame’s standard height is 47 inches with a 24 inches standard width. The frames are created out of sturdy iron frames.   

Wire stakes 

Usually, wire stakes are utilized with yard signs that are made out of corrugated plastic that has vertical fluting. Meaning, the stakes you utilize to display your sign are put in the vertical fluting. This is among the simplest means of flaunting and using your yard sign. Guarantee that your customized yard sign complements and matches the size of the stake that you buy. The wired stake’s standard size of 12×18 inches can be best used for all wire stakes.  

More display methods 


Grommets can be any size you want because the grommets will be utilized to install the sign to a wall or fence. Hence, if you’re buying a yard sign that does not match the dimensions to the options that we have provided in this article, the best option for you would be grommets due to its flexibility as a material.  

Real estate posts 

Among the display methods, you can think about having for your yard sign include a real estate post. A lot of real estate posits are intended and made to fit yard sign sizes, which can extend to 24 inches wide. Others permit to have signed with 36 inches wide.  

Vertical fluting 

This gives tiny holes that extend all the way through the sign’s interior. This enables the wire stakes you may utilize to showcase the sign to be put in the vertical fluting. Then, the stakes can simply be displayed in any landscape or yard. This is probably one of the easiest means of displaying your yard sign. Typically, the corrugated plastic yard signs are 4” mm thick.  

Regardless of what you want, it would be best to ask the yard sign experts for you to have the perfect one according to your needs.